- Utveckling av havsbaserad vindkraft för klimatet -

"För varje producerad och såld kWh från våra anläggningar planerar vi avsättning

för investering i energilagring, fossilfri transport och koldioxidupptagning. Vi ser tydliga synergieffekter med t ex energilager av bränslecell/vätgas och olika former av vattenbruk, t ex odling av grönalger"

Svea Vind Offshores vision and ambition is to make a real contribute in making Sweden a fossil free nation. Adjusting to a sustainable society needs creative ideas that are practically feasible and creates green jobs in a growing market.

"For every kWh produced and sold from our wind farms we are planning for targeted investments in energy storage, fossil free transportation and carbon dioxide uptake.We see apparent synergy effects with energy storage and aqua culture"


Mattias Wärn - CEO & Co-Founder


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"We are planning renewable energy for future generations – offshore wind power in the Baltic Sea has strong conditions and great potential for environmentally and economical long term stability."

Our project portfolio currently consists of the projects:

- Gretas klackar

- Utposten II

- Utposten

- Utknallen

- Långgrund

- Långgrund II

In total the portfolio is covering 592 square kilometers. See the projects location in the overview map below.

Head of Projects & Co - Founder

Maria Brolin

Maria graduated 1994 from Uppsala University and holds a LL.M. She has a background of 7 years  working as a lawyer for the County Administrative Board. As the project manager for two offshore projects; Storgrundet and Finngrunden during 2006-2009 she was responsible for the application process, all investigations, the development process and the consultation processes. She also wrote the EIAs and took part of the application work. As she lives in Uppsala she changed position 2009 and became head of development for on shore wind power projects at Nordex in Uppsala.

Maria has also experience as a lawyer at a law firm focusing on business law, building law and environmental law. During 2006 – 2010 Maria was a substitute politician in the Swedish government for the liberals.

Maria has worked with due diligence processes from both a legal and a environmental perspective and her skills from her project development experience has been useful in these processes.

About Us

CEO & Co - Founder

Mattias Wärn

Mattias has a M. Sc in Environmental Engineering / Mechanical Engineering from LTH / KTH. He has worked as project development and business development manager within wind power in the Nordics since 2006. He has been responsible for tasks ranging between feasibility studies regarding suitable locations for large scale wind farms to permit application processes for larger wind projects.

Mattias has recent years mostly been responsible project manager for several Due Diligence processes. The Due Diligence objects has been project portfolios including projects with an potential capacity of 1000 MW and operational assets with between 10 – 50 wind turbines.

Mattias holds extensive knowledge of the Nordic wind power market and with his background he holds practical competence of whats needed to secure a low LCOE which is crucial in the Nordic market. By optimizing through location features, turbine choice, hub height, grid connection and O & M it is possible to obtain low LCOE and long term conditions which decreases the risk for an investment.

Advisory team

Svea Vind Offshore has an advisory team with members that together has a broad competence and in-depth knowledge about the Nordic energy market. Gathering this competence concerning the energy market and especially offshore wind power, we see huge opportunities (for real) to contribute in making Sweden one of the first fossil free nations.

Bengt Vernmark

Bengt has a M.Sc in Civil Engineering from Chalmers and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin.

He has worked with business development and project finance for banks, construction and utility companies. Bengt has been working with renewable energy the last 25 years with focus on hydro and wind power. During the 90´s he was responsible for Vattenfalls initial expansion in Europe and later for the development and build-up av Statkrafts activities in South America.

Bengt returned to Sweden the year 2007 and from then until now he has been responsible for Statkrafts wind power development in Sweden which for example resulted in two large industrial cooperations with SCA and Södra Skogsägarna. This has resulted in the development, construction and the commisioning of Swedens largest wind power farm.

Jon Olauson

Jon has a M.Sc in Energy systems and Ph D in electricity, both from Uppsala Univeristy. He has previously worked as a consultant within wind analysis and wind farm parklayout optimization.

Jon´s thesis is about modelling the future wind power to study how this could be adapted in order to facilitate the integration of large amounts of wind energy in the electricity system. One important conclusion is that both the variability and the uncertainty of prognosis can be decreased. This can be done by increased capacity factor, more offshore wind power and by overproduction and energy storage.

Barbro Grebacken

Barbro Grebacken has a M.Sc in Machine Production from Luleå Technical University, she graduated 1989. She has worked with production, quality, health and safety and organization development within industry.

Since 2010 she has used her skills and competence from improvement of manufacturing industry to improve wind power assets. Within wind power she has focused on operation and maintenance, preventive maintenance, and optimization of production. She has been responsible for operational and service of Nordex wind farms in Norway and Estonia.

Barbro has also performed assignments as Asset Manager and contributed within Due Diligences where she has reviewed both wind farms and turbine performance. She has also done technical inspections of turbines during Due Diligences.

Torbjörn Holmgren

Torbjörn Holmgren is an engineer with long experience from the public sector. Examples are several County Administrative Boards and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Torbjörn has worked with environmental and energy questions from an industrial perspective in more than 30 years.

He has also been technical expert within the Environmental Assessment delegation within the County Administrative Board. Furthermore, Torbjörn has been member of Environmental Court.

Torbjörn also has several years of experience from work within the private sector, with focus on environmental questions especially in the processing industry.

Martin Isaeus

Martin Isaeus is marine ecologist and has a PhD in plant ecology from Stockholm University 2004 with a thesis about bladderwracks (blåstång) ecology in the Baltic Sea. He has participated in several national and international projects concerning marine management and industry.

Martin has more than 10 years of experience from assessment of the effects of wind power on the environment.

Martin founded AquaBiota Water Research in 20016 and is today CEO for the group that today has 18 employees. He works with several assignments within research and management of marine ecology. He has great experience in GIS modelling of marine organisms and habitat. Before he started AquaBiota he was employed at NIVA in Oslo for two years.

Anna Carin Windahl

Anna-Carin Windahl is a senior consultant within Corporate Communications and a specialist in advocacy and public affairs. She has a Master of Business Administration from Stockholm University and 13 years of consultant experience as strategist, project manager, account manager and agency leader.

Anna-Carin has a great commitment in energy related questions, both professionally and and ideally. The first assignments within this sector was within the oil-, fuel- and nuclear industry. When the first cooperation was initiated in 2008 with a wind power developer her interest in a swedish conversion to renewable sources where awaken. This interest quickly changed to passionate commitment which inter alia been channeled through the founding av the organisation 100 % renewables, where Anna-Carin is registry responsible.

In 2015 Anna-Carin was on a list from Greenpeace in Sweden describing "Women with knowledge in the energy sector" (swedish, "Kvinnor med koll i energisektorn"). In 2016 she was nominated to the prize "Power-woman of the Year" (swedish,"Årets Kraftkvinna").

It´s a race - and the race is started

The race is started. A race only available for our generation. A race that will be tough and is challenging. A race that is possible and will be fun racing. Lets race now to quickly decrease he greenhouse gas emissions and making Sweden one of the first fossil free nation.

Lets make a sustainable society for future generations.